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Original Research

Why do Chinese multinationals in South Africa get benefits from digital business strategy?  
Kuizhen Rong, Ruhong Liu
15 May 2024

Original Research

Evaluating shareholder wealth creation in JSE-listed investment holding companies  
Nicholas Schwenke, Avani Sebastian, Warren Maroun
10 May 2024

Original Research

Environmental, social and governance and financial performance nexus in South African listed firms  
Reon Matemane, Thabiso Msomi, Marvellous Ngundu
30 April 2024

Original Research

Barriers to the development of integrated thinking skills of prospective chartered accountants  
Erica du Toit, Ben Marx, Rozanne J. Smith
23 April 2024

Original Research

Unveiling trust as a mediator in distributor loyalty within South African multi-level marketing  
Carinda C. Williams, Marizaan Kleynhans
18 April 2024

Original Research

What are the drivers of female labour market participation in North Africa?  
Freeman M. Mateko
15 April 2024

Original Research

Impact of malnutrition on education inequality in Africa: A partial wavelet coherence analysis  
Rasaq Raimi, Andrew Phiri
20 March 2024

Original Research

Breaking the budget chains: Empowering Iraqi small- and medium-sized enterprises through Beyond Budgeting  
Noora S. Alhalawi, Saida Dammak
18 March 2024

Original Research

Analysing the nexus between financial structure and monetary policy impulses in sub-Saharan Africa  
Raad M. Al-Tal, Jephias Makiwa
13 March 2024

Original Research

A cost–benefit analysis for alcohol in South Africa for the year 2019  
Graham Barr
11 March 2024
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Press Release: The wait is over!

The wait is finally over! We are proud to introduce the African Journal of Creative Economy, your new go-to source for the latest research and insights in Cultural Economics, Creative Industries, Arts and Culture Management and Cultural Studies and Cultural Policy.  Explore our inaugural editorial by Jeanette D. Snowball and Richard Haines, featuring pioneering studies and expert opinions. Don't miss out on the start of something big! Visit ajce.africa  
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Press Release: Attention all trailblazers and visionaries on African paleoclimate!!

It's with immense pride and excitement that we unveil the African Journal of Climate Studies, a dynamic platform meticulously crafted to ignite the flames of innovation and drive transformative change in scholarly discourse. Our mission? To empower academic excellence and cultivate a community where brilliance thrives on aspects related to African paleoclimate and the historical evolution of African human and ecological systems concerning climate constraints, current understanding of African climate behaviour and the role of climate variability, climate extreme events and climate change in any relevant aspect of African social-ecological and economic development. Are you ready to be part of something extraordinary? Visit climatestudies.org  
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Notification: Exploring the Rich Tapestry of Research History: Rediscover Timeless Insights

Embark on a journey through the annals of research history! Our journal's archives hold a wealth of knowledge waiting to be rediscovered. From pioneering studies to timeless insights, explore the foundations of today's discussions. Join us in celebrating research history and uncovering the gems that continue to shape our understanding.  
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Notification: Unlock a wealth of knowledge with our publisher's library of research!

Dive deep into the latest findings and discoveries in your field. Browse library.aosis.co.za. Dive deep into the latest findings and discoveries in your field. From groundbreaking studies to insightful analyses, our publisher's library at library.aosis.co.za has it all covered. Explore a wealth of knowledge waiting for you to uncover!  
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Book Release: Exploring 'Local economies in pandemics': A conversation with co-editor Chané de Bruyn


We’ve got an enlightening conversation with Chané de Bruyn, co-editor of the scholarly book Local economies and pandemics: Regional perspectives.


This open-access scholarly book provides insights into how global pandemics like COVID-19 impact local economies. Hear from experts across various fields as they discuss these events' effects, responses, and consequences on local communities and economies.


Read the book.


Don’t miss out on this opportunity to deepen your understanding.


You are also welcome to submit your book proposal to AOSIS Scholarly Books by downloading the book proposal form from our website for publication consideration.

Posted: 2024-04-02
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