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Jackson, Leon T.B., WorkWell Research Unit for Economics and Management Sciences, Faculty of Economics and Management Sciences, Potchefstroom Business School, North-West University
Jackson, Leon, Noth West University
Jackson, Leone TB, North-West University
Jacobs, Dezré, North-West University
Jacobs, Johann, MMI Holdings Ltd
Jacobs, Johann, North-West University
Jahed, M, School of Public and Development Management
James, I, University of Cape Town
Janse van Rensburg, F, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Jansen van Rensburg, Mari, University of South Africa
Jegers, Marc, Free University Brussels
Jeke, Leward, Department of Economics, Nelson Mandela University
Jenkins, Glenn P
Jenkins, Glenn P, Queen's University, Canada & Eastern Mediterranean University, Northern Cyprus
Jerbrant, Anna, KTH
Jibao, Samuel, University of Pretoria
Jokonya, Osden, University of South Africa
Jooste, A, University of the Free State
Jooste, Andre, University of the Free State
Jooste, Leonie, Nelson Mandela Metropolitan University
Joosub, Tasneem, University of the Witwatersrand
Jordaan, AC, University of Pretoria
Jordaan, Andre Cillie, University of Pretoria
Jordaan, André C
Jordaan, Andre Cillie, University of Pretoria
Jordaan, Henry
Jordaan, Henry, Department of Agricultural Economics, University of the Free State
Jordaan, Johannes C, Economic Modelling consultant, Research Fellow PFRU UNISA
Jordaan, Lauren A., Department of Financial Accounting, College of Accounting Sciences, University of South Africa
Jordaan, Yolanda, University of Pretoria
Jordaan, Yolande, SARS
Jordaan, Yolande, Department of Economics, University of Pretoria
Jorgensen, Lene, WorkWell Research Unit, School of Human Resource Science, North-West University
Joubert, AF
Joubert, Christiaan G., Air Traffic and Navigation Services
Joubert, F, University of Pretoria
Joubert, Stephanus Johannes, UNISA
Joubert, Yvonne T., Department of Human Resource Management, University of South Africa
Joubert, Yvonne Trintje, UNISA
Jover, Estefania
Jyh-Rong, Chou

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